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Green Thumb Nursery is a trusted name in landscape design and installation. We grow and stock quality trees, shrubs, and bedding plants that are given careful daily care so that every plant is hardy and vigorous. Green Thumb affords you the opportunity to browse through our grounds and select from one of central Alabama's largest collections of plant material. (We can also custom order special plants that may be needed for your landscape.)

Green Thumb has licensed and degreed professional landscape designers to assist you in creating unique and beautiful surroundings. We also maintain excellent working relationships with area designers and architects. We are skilled in dealing with prairie clay soils which are often a hindrance to landscape success. We have a working knowledge of plant hardiness and adaptability, micro-climates, sunlight requirements, drainage problems, mature sizes, and plant compatibility; these factors determine the performance and beauty of your landscape.

Our landscape crews are courteous, well-trained professionals who take pride in their work. Our goal is for you to be well satisfied with your landscape; we are always here to assist you!

We can help you maximize the beauty and use of your outdoor living space. We design and install customized landscapes. We can tackle your complete landscape needs--design, installation, irrigation, and nightlighting. The complete package will yield great satisfaction for years to come.

Call our landscape department at 288-1410 to set up a consultation. (Fees are reflective of time spent drawing plans.)

If you have a small area to landscape, consider bringing photos of your yard to one of our garden centers. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting plants that are ideal for your location.


There is something magical about the evening garden, and Green Thumb's professionally designed low-voltage landscape lighting brings out the special beauty unique to the nighttime. For only pennies a day, it safely illuminates the best features of your yard and shapes both the view and the mood.

Garden lighting provides both safety and security. Custom nightlighting helps you to see where you are walking at night--illuminating pathways, steps, obstructions, changes in elevation, or anything that could be potentially dangerous. It also strongly discourages intruders by lighting the ground level and eliminating shadows near the house.

Custom nightlighting multiplies your opportunities to enjoy your garden and other outdoor living areas. Since most people are working and attending to other responsibilities throughout the day, their leisure time at home is usually after dark. A Green Thumb lighting system allows you to extend the use and pleasure of your garden for entertaining, playing games, or just relaxing.

If you are ready for a night garden that sparkles with beauty, while providing the safety and security you need, give Green Thumb a call.